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Lemoncake is a new breed of music publisher supplying music to all forms of broadcast media. We've sourced music from the finest media composers, commercial writers, DJs and re-mixers in the business. We’re at the centre of a Production Music revolution – we’d love you to join us!

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Our Difference

Lemoncake is a 21st Century music provider, we treat our composers with respect and provide a raft of innovative features to maximise their earning potential. Listeners get a whole new deal with radical search engine, auditioning and download facilities.

  • Composer
    • Profile page with picture, blog post and biography
    • Music upload system with online A&R
    • Real time analytics
  • Listener
    • Unique search engine and download system
    • Playlist and music sharing
    • Composer centric information
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Wonder why we call our users Listeners? Our search engine is a new way to find music, it relies on those tried, tested and trusted unique analogue devices called "ears". The concept is simple, choose a genre of music then shape the result with our four sliders to get exactly the outcome you want.

With each move of the sliders create a new top 10 of the closest matches. What could be easier? It's radically obvious - music searching as it used to be, enjoyable.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make money from your music? With Lemoncake we give new composers the opportunity to shine in a way no other music site has ever done. Once your music has been accepted you get a profile page with a picture and biography, a blog post to tell listeners what you're up to and real time analytics to see how your music is doing. Our music upload system saves time and with quick efficient A&R your music could be hitting the airwaves in no time. Sign up is easy and if you've got something you want us to A&R simply upload an MP3. We're waiting to hear from you!

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  • Sourced from the finest media composers, commercial writers, DJs and re-mixers in the business.
  • Profile page with picture, blog post and biography, music upload system with online A&R, real time analytics.
  • Unique aural search engine designed to get the results you want. Fast.
  • Unique search engine and download system, playlists and music sharing.
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