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  • Who are we?
  • Cue mysterious voice “we are Lemoncake”

    OK you win, we’re actually a new breed of music publisher. We supply music to all forms of broadcast media and at the same time provide a unique platform for composers to create and promote their music. We've sourced music from the finest media composers, commercial writers, DJs and re-mixers in the business. We’re at the centre of a Production Music revolution – we’d love you to join us!

  • How do I sign up for Lemoncake?
  • The registration process is simple, all you have to do is click ‘sign up’ and then, having decided if you’re a composer or a listener, fill in a few details and you’re done.

  • How do I license the music?
  • It’s easy and quick. Please bear in mind Lemoncake is not a copyright free music publisher, our music should be licensed through the MCPS/PRS in the UK and through our worldwide agents. To use any Lemoncake composition you must obtain the appropriate clearance. If you’re in any doubt please contact us at: We’ll be happy to help.

  • How can I best find the music I need?
  • We’re glad you asked! Here at Lemoncake we’ve created a revolutionary and unique music search system. It’s time to say goodbye to those slow, frustrating text based systems that (almost always) lead to disappointing results. Take a couple of minutes to read/watch our excellent walkthrough here and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without us!

  • Is there a limit to how much music I can download?
  • Nope, go ahead and murder our bandwidth. No, actually there is, but we doubt you’d ever get there!

  • Can you provide bespoke music for my production?
  • If you need a piece of music written just for you we have a roster of great media and commercial composers who are always happy to consider writing music on a bespoke basis. Bear in mind, many already do this regularly as well as composing tracks for Lemoncake. If you have a specific requirement then get in touch at: and we’ll help put you in touch with the perfect composer for your needs.

  • Do you provide stems or amend existing tracks?
  • We don’t have stems for every track but the number for which we do is growing all the time so it’s always worth asking. Where possible our composers are always willing to edit their music – there may be a charge if the work required is extensive. Get in touch to discuss your needs at:

  • I’ve got a great track. How can I get it to you?
  • You’re a musician, fantastic! Assuming you’ve registered with Lemoncake as a composer, simply visit the Upload page and submit your MP3’s for evaluation (maximum of 5) – then you’re good to go! Our A&R staff will get on it as soon as possible and get back to you with their comments. We aim for a next day evaluation of your music.

  • If you like my music, what happens next?
  • We’ll be publishing your tracks, that’s what! You’ll know the moment your track blew our socks off – our system allows us to listen and respond super-quick.

  • What’s the process for publishing my tracks?
  • OK, so once you’ve had your first composition(s) accepted by Lemoncake, the contracting process goes like this: we’ll ask you to upload the WAV masters (Full version and 30 second cut down as a minimum) to the site via the Upload page whilst at the same time we’ll issue a Writer Agreement for all contributors to sign and return. We use an on-line document signature system called Echosign. This system is quick, secure and legally valid around the world – it also saves on paper and postage so we’re all doing our bit for the environment too! For transparency, there’s a PDF of the Agreement available throughout the process should you wish to print off or forward for independent legal advice. Once the tracks have been checked and mastered, the contract returned and the profile page info added, we’ll hit the button and your tracks will go live to the world. If we accept more compositions from you in the future the process is even simpler, you only need to supply the WAVs, and the composer details. We can add the new compositions to the original Agreement by way of on an Appendix using the Echosign system.

  • How does the publishing deal work?
  • Lemoncake is here to give musicians a fair deal and we publish music on a single song assignment basis. We don’t think it’s fair to restrict the opportunities of the composer and this model allows the freedom to compose music for any number of publishers. All our writer agreements are exclusive single song assignment publishing deals, in perpetuity with a 50/50 split for both mechanical/sync and performance revenue. We collect 100% of the mechanical royalty revenue on behalf of the composer and issue a statement and any mechanical royalties due every six months. The performance royalty revenue is paid directly to the composer by the appropriate performance rights organisation (PRO) dependent on where you are in the world; in the UK this is the PRS (Performing Rights Society).

  • Do you pay production fees?
  • The simple and no nonsense answer is - no we don’t. Our emphasis from the outset has been to provide a unique and exciting platform giving our composers the best possible opportunity to get their music heard, downloaded and used. As an independent publisher, we’re not part of any multinational publishing group, we believe our funds are best directed towards the continued development and provision of our game changing service for both the composer and the listener.

  • What’s the PRS?
  • The Performing Rights Society is the UK collection agency for all broadcast performing income both in the UK and affiliated territories around the world. As a composer we strongly advise that you join this organisation otherwise you won’t get paid any performing royalties! You can join here; it’s not expensive to sign up.

  • What’s a collective?
  • A collective is when two or more composers work together on a piece of music. That doesn’t mean you can’t also work on your own but if you work with any number of different people on a track - you’ve collaborated and formed a collective. Every collective will have it’s own profile page comprising an image and biography and to make it easy to remember who you worked with it’ll also be linked to the collective members individual profile pages.

    The publishing process works almost the same for a collective as it does for the individual. The only differences are, the contract will have to be signed by all contributors and the percentage splits for the composers declared to Lemoncake for inclusion in the publishing deal.

  • What do you mean “versions”? I don’t understand
  • That’s cool, if you’re new to this why would you? Broadcast music is pretty much the same as chart music, except with broadcast you need to help out the program maker a bit. They’re busy peeps and need convenience as well as great tracks. So, to make their lives easier we always provide a full-length version (probably the same as the evaluation version you submitted) and a 30 second version. We also allow two other versions to be uploaded - these can be anything you like, underscore, no lead instruments and so on but not more than 2’30” please. Note: if we accept a track with vocals we also need an instrumental version.

    Right then, the 30 sec version is probably the most important cut down you’ll ever do and if you think about it, you hear them all the time on TV and radio ads. It needs to be right and time spent getting the perfect cut will be worth it and could make the difference between a track being chosen or ignored. Consider it a short composition in its own right that should capture the essence of the full version with a thoughtful beginning, middle and an end. It needs to be concise but defined and so should not fade-in or fade-out. The musical content should be as close to 30 sec as possible but never over - we don't mind if the rev/delay fades go beyond. If you’re still unsure what we’re looking for why not take a moment to listen to other composer’s cut down versions on the site. You’ll soon get the idea - or check this playlist for some great examples.

  • Do you provide a mastering service?
  • Yes we do. Every track that appears on Lemoncake will go through this process and before you ask, yes, it’s free! We use a top class “in house” mastering engineer, he’s worked with many top composers and musicians over the years and knows what he’s doing.

  • How do I become a featured artist?
  • There are two main factors we take into consideration. How many tracks an artist has placed with Lemoncake and pre-planned promotion of a particular genre. If you wish to be a featured artist please get in touch here.

  • When will I get paid?
  • Well, this won’t happen the minute your music is used! Every time your music is used a mechanical licence will be payable by one of our agents (MCPS in the UK) and it will be logged with the PRS (or it’s overseas affiliates) and that information will then enter the payment chain. For performance royalties you will be paid directly by the PRS (or it’s overseas affiliates) and for mechanical royalties Lemoncake will administer and distribute to you every six months. Of course you only get a payment when your music has been used! Be aware, it can take up to nine months to see any revenue but it’s more usual to see something after six months. It’s important to see this as a long-term investment of your skills and it may take time to establish a revenue stream and reap the rewards. However, in most cases, once your music is included in our catalogue it will have a long shelf life and so has the potential to generate income for many years. It’s important for a composer to keep adding to his/her music stock in order to maximise the prospect of future royalties.

  • Can I see when and where my music has been used?
  • No, at present we can’t provide that service although it’s something we’re already working on for the future. We do provide a stats page where you can see your music download information. We aim to provide a much more comprehensive information service to the composer in the future, watch out for further updates.

  • How can I get the most out of Lemoncake as a composer?
  • We have some great ideas to help you maximise your presence on our site and across social media platforms. Take a look here to make sure you’re doing all you can