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About Us

Created as a forward thinking, non-traditional broadcast music publisher Lemoncake is the brainchild of Peter Oldroyd and Gary Scargill. Peter & Gary were founders and creative driving force behind Ded Good Music, one of the best known and most loved independent music libraries of the 90’s and 00’s.

The mission for Lemoncake is to put the love back into music publishing, to find a new way of promoting music that works for composers as well as the publisher. In short, we want to create a place where the composer matters. Our aim is to give the composer control over their promotion and image, give them the tools to submit new music for evaluation quickly and efficiently, to maximise its potential in broadcast media and to provide real time analytics of track performance over time.

For the listener we’ve created a new kind of user experience with composer centric information and exciting project features. We’ve provided a ground breaking search and audition system where selecting the perfect track is simple, fun and intuitive. Lemoncake is a much easier place for listeners to find the music they want, you audition, you choose, you download, you use. It’s that simple.

Broadcast music publishing is entering a brave new world; it’s time to explore